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"Peace of mind"

Fuji Elevators
Difference:- It is not what we say, it is what we do!

Are you dissatisfied with your current service provider? Interestingly we find most of the people we contact are.

In Australia, the industry standard when it comes to preventative maintenance is significantly lower than in Japan. Elevators and Escalators are working harder today than they have ever done before, with extended shopping and business hours, this level of service will see on average 4 breakdowns per unit per annum. In Australia, we get told that lift service providers are doing tick box maintenance. This is simply an inspection and not proper preventative maintenance. With Fuji, we guarantee you proper proactive scheduled preventative maintenance.

In Japan, breakdowns of more than one per year are deemed unacceptable.

By contrast to the above, Fuji Australia adopting the Japanese service ethos, would on average allow 36 hours of preventative maintenance servicing. This is proper preventative maintenance as you will see below.

Reliability is not about luck, it is about the effort one puts into the equipment to ensure it is reliable.

Fuji Elevators
Fuji Elevators

Fuji’s two man “Preventative Maintenance” philosophy.

It is important to note, that 90% of all call-outs come from doors, both lift and landing doors. Doors require two people to maintain them.
  • To do proper preventative maintenance you need two people. Fuji operates with two main maintenance crews as opposed to most of our competitors, who operate single main maintenance.
  • In addition to the above, you need a philosophy which is based on replacing parts before they become worn out. Fuji operates to this philosophy.
  • Fuji does proper preventative maintenance!

Fuji level of service - It Includes but not limited to : (example traction elevator)

  • Check operation of all car door limit switches & safety mechanisms, clean, adjust & replace worn parts where required.
  • Check fixings, hoist ropes, sheaves for wear & adjustment. Where required replace.
  • Check operation of Safety circuits & car-top maintenance control.
  • Check fluid levels in rail rollers & top up if required.
  • Check and adjust breaks & replace if required.
  • Check operation of emergency safety gear.
  • Check operation of an emergency stop.
  • Check operation of rail guides & knurled rollers.
  • Check operation of all safety circuits.
  • Check levels at landings. Adjust if necessary.
  • Check operation of travel limits.
  • Check main relays - replace if faulty.
  • Check globes, landing lights, gongs & replace globes where necessary.
  • Check car phone.
  • Clean pitt.
  • Clean machine room & or associated equipment.
  • Report to building manager items repaired or replaced.
When it comes to Elevator & Escalator servicing - Peace of mind comes from employing a company that has built it's reputation on reliability.

That is Fuji Elevators.

What does this mean?

  • Before we take on any job, we assess the equipment and determine the condition of the equipment.
  • We assess the parts that will require replacing during the term of the contract.
  • We assess the consumable parts we need to carry in order, to ensure zero downtime for the equipment.
  • Both Short & Long term parts are ordered & put into stock.
  • We invest initially in the equipment to bring it up to Fuji’s high standard.
  • We schedule this work to be completed in the first months of taking the unit over.
  • Reliability is Key.
  • In our maintenance schedule, we allow sufficient hours for proper preventative maintenance.
  • Lastly & most importantly, we operate two-man maintenance teams.