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At Fuji Elevators, we know that as your elevator ages, it can become prone to ever increasing maintenance and repair. Over time, replacement parts and servicing may also become more difficult to source due to obsolescence and in the end, you may be left with no alternative but to modernise your lift or consider a new installation.
Elevator Modernisation gives you the opportunity to extend the life of your existing equipment and improve its efficiency and performance and at the same time improve the overall asset value of your building. You will have peace of mind knowing that new advances in passenger safety, efficiency, and reliability have been made to protect the owners and tenants of your building.
Modernisation typically involves the elevator being upgraded with new components, improved safety features, and internal cosmetic enhancements.

    Electing to modernise your equipment will add years to the overall life of the unit and provide the following benefits:
  • Modernisation will reduce downtime associated with maintenance and call outs to repair your equipment.
  • Increase property and asset value instantly and for the future.
  • Improved cost savings on annual power consumption.
  • Enhanced reliability for all users whilst also increasing safety, and ride comfort.
  • Fresh aesthetic appeal with a new look and contemporary additions inside of the car itself.
  • Leverage new technology and keep up with the newest trends and advancements within the industry.

At Fuji Elevators, we are able to offer finance to all our modernisation clients to enable them to move ahead with their lift improvements as soon as they are identified.
To find out how Fuji Elevators Australia can modernise your elevators, please contact