Fuji Elevators

We are the high tech lift company that has not forgotten to be customer focused!
We bring to Australia, the latest in technology when it comes to Elevators & Escalators. Fuji Elevators Australia, have a wide range of factories supporting our business, which ensures our customers get prompt delivery & the highest quality product available.

Our Services

New Installation

Fuji provides a wide range of Elevators and Escalators offering both installation and ongoing comprehensive lift maintenance.


Fuji Elevators Australia offers cost effective Lift and Escalator Modernisation programs to meet your needs.

Lift Maintenance

Fuji Elevators Australia offers a wide range of Lift & Escalator Maintenance contracts.

Elevators and Escalators Maintenance, Repairs, Modernisation.

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New Lifts

  • All Lifts
  • Residential Building Lifts
  • Commercial Lifts
  • Car Lifts
  • Hydraulic-Lifts


When it comes to Elevator & Escalator servicing - Peace of mind comes from employing a company that has built its reputation on reliability. That is Fuji Elevators

Mission Statement

Fuji Elevators Australia – Providing the highest quality products to meet the growing trend toward urbanization. With a service ethos respecting our customers & providing genuinely awesome service.